As a cognitive neuroscientist I am specialized in neuroimaging in a multidisciplinary field of human decision-making, cognitive control, and computational psychiatry. I make use of behavioral paradigms and neuroimaging techniques including MRI and EEG, and combine these with computational models of brain and behavior.

I am Assistant Professor at the department of Cognitive Psychology, Leiden University, where I study neural and functional mechanisms of metacontrol.  I teach and coordinate BSc / MSc education on the brain, cognition, and decision-making at the Institute of Psychology Leiden University, and I chair/coordinate the multidisciplinary minor Brain and Cognition.

I am a strong (open) science advocate and in this role I have organized the Dutch March For Science in 2017, and currently chair the Stand Up For Science movement in The Netherlands. I am a co-founder of the Open Science Community Leiden, and organize multiple symposia, workshops and other meetings on open and reliable science and scholarship. 

I am passionate about improving the role of science in society by critically reflecting on science and the academic system within, as well as moving forward in communicating to the world outside the science bubble. I have recently advised the Dutch ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) on science communication and increasing quality of research and education in The Netherlands.

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